About us


MaNima Technologies

MaNima Technologies consists of a small professional team of passionate engineers. We specialize in custom LED software and hardware. Our passion lies in devising high-end LED solutions for the business market. By using our knowledge and expertise, MaNima Technologies can even manufacture LED solutions for complex issues that meet every specification of the client and the requirements of the project.

To better meet the technical demand of the LED market, MaNima Technologies has also set up its own product line with exclusive LED products. These products are issued under the MaNima label and are available in the B2B webshop LuxaLight. If necessary, the MaNima interfaces can be easily customized by our engineers.

One of our specializations is also the realization of customer-specific custom LED solutions for both new and existing LED installations. If desired, we can also supply custom-made products as OEM equipment.In collaboration with our partners. MaNima is able to provide an all-in service for every LED assignment. Each project can be carried out in-house from idea to realization.

We love What we Do

Mission statement

A good LED hardware or software solution fits in seamlessly with the requirements of the assignment and the wishes of the client. Our aim is to translate these wishes and requirements into a fully developed custom LED product. We always opt for quality, innovation and service. By focusing on personal attention, proactively thinking along and using our expertises we can achieve this.