Custom API's

Everything and everyone in the world are increasingly connected. How does this happen? How does data get from one place to another? How do different applications and devices communicate with each other to achieve things? We do this with API's.

Art-Net and 3rd party LED-mappers

The MaNima Iinterface makes use of Art-Net in able to control LEDs. Art-Net is a communication protocol used by LED-mappers to send data to LED controllers.

MaNima Magnus series

The MaNima Magnus series is the first series of LED interfaces to be released by MaNima-Technologies. This series of interfaces is capable of exceptional performance. All these interfaces can be provided with custom options.

Digital and Analog Triggers

With the use of Digital or Analog Triggers users can add multiple extra devices to fulfil their needs.

Introducing the MaNima Configurator

MaNima Technologies has introduced it´s first iteration of the MaNima Configurator.

Master-Slave function ready for use

With the final touches done, and after many hours of testing and fixing, we can say that the Master-Slave function is ready to be used.