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Art-Net and 3rd party LED-mappers

The MaNima Iinterface makes use of Art-Net in able to control LEDs. Art-Net is a communication protocol used by LED-mappers to send data to LED controllers.

A LED mapper is a broad term used for the programs that enable the user to create LED patches and control LEDs.

The LED-mapper must have an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection with the MaNima interface in order for it to communicate with this interface.

Every LED-mapper that is able to send Art-Net is able to connect to a MaNima interface. Follow the instructions provided by your chosen LED-mapper to control LEDs via the MaNima interface.  In order for the MaNima interface to be found by a LED-mapper, simply add universes in the mapping tab in the MaNima configurator and the LED-mapper should see these universes in its next refresh/scan.

The MaNima configurator is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows the user to configure the MaNima Interface from a computer. The MaNima configurator can be downloaded from this page.