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MaNima Nexus

The MaNima Nexus is a touchscreen specially developed for cooperation with the MaNima Interface. The MaNima Nexus is an easy to use device that allows direct communication with the MaNima interface without the need for a computer.

Linux based
The MaNima Nexus is a Linux based touchscreen which means it is a very stable system and not prone to errors. Additionally, there are no automatic updates for this device, unlike live computers that do require additional support. The MaNima Nexus works completely stand-alone and only requires an ethernet connection to the MaNima Interface to operate.

The MaNima Nexus can be mounted on any surface. Installation is simple by means of a screw and a nut.

The MaNima Nexus is 100% customizable. This touchscreen can therefore be made to the specifications of the end user and their application. Do you only want to select scenes with the MaNima Nexus? That is possible! But it is also possible to control the entire LED lighting of a building, consisting of thousands of LEDs!