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UDP commands

Programs can use the UDP protocol (user datagram protocol) to transfer data to another device in an IP network. It is a stable solution for communication between two devices.

Communication can run smoothly by using UDP commands. Data can be sent to the other devices without first setting up specific transmission channels or data paths. UDP is therefore an excellent protocol to use for industrial and architectural applications.

Customer-specific trigger systems
The MaNima Polaris Industrial LED Interface developed in-house, data can be transferred to other machines in the network via UDP commands. Custom made trigger systems are possible. Customer-specific codes are developed by our software engineers that can retrieve UDP commands from the machines / computers. This software is embedded in the MaNima Polaris, so there are no problems with complex hardware.

MaNima Polaris
Because the Manima Polaris can be adapted to any project by our software engineers, the possibilities with the use of upd commands are diverse and numerous. By using the Manima interface, no other device is required for communication between machine and digital addressable LEDs via UDP commands. The Manima Polaris is also an excellent solution for communication purposes with cloud data. The MaNima Polaris is able to retrieve data via the UDP protocol and thus perform actions directly from the cloud.