About us

MaNima Technologies is specialized in custom LED hard- and software engineering. We can provide a suitable LED solution for problems in new and existing LED installations by using our specializations. The application of these specializations is mainly done in three main activities.

In order to realize market-compliant LED products with special properties, MaNima works in a professional team on the development of soft- and hardware LED products. These products are released under our private label MaNima. Adapting soft and hardware LED products (private label MaNima or existing products) to project specifications and the ideas of the client. MaNima products can be easily adapted with modular software.

The realization of customer-specific custom LED products for new and existing installations is also one of our business activities. These custom products manufactured according to customer specification can also be supplied OEM.


Mission statement

A good LED hardware or software solution fits in seamlessly with the requirements of the assignment and the wishes of the client. Our aim is to translate these wishes and requirements into a fully developed custom LED product. We always opt for quality, innovation and service. By focusing on personal attention, proactively thinking along and using our expertises we can achieve this.