Zirqle Group
The Zirqle group includes companies with various specializations in the field of LED. MaNima Technologies is part of the umbrella organization Zirqle Group. Manima can also develop complete LED products through cooperation with our partners within the Zirqle group. Zirqle LED solutions and Luxalight also belong to the Zirqle Group.


Zirqle LED solutions
Zirqle LED soltuions BV provides project management for LED assignments and offers total solutions for LED semi-finished and customer-specific products.

MaNima Technologies
MaNima Technologies BV, hard and software engineering for LED assignments that require custom products with special properties. By adapting products, supplying custom-made products for clients and developing private label products. Our private label products are only available in our B2B webshop LuxaLight.

Luxalight BV the name of our B2B webshop. Luxalight is also the brand name for LED components and products with unique specifications. All our products are high end and intended for the professional market.