Private label interfaces

MaNima has developed a series of exclusive interfaces for the business LED market. All our products are designed, developed and tested in-house. They are released under the MaNima label and can be purchased in the online B2B webshop Luxalight ( The MaNima products can be configured as desired via the MaNima configurator. So when no specific custom solution is required, these products are an excellent choice. Custom adjustments for our private label interfaces are also possible. For more information see the page adjusted private label interfaces.


1.024 LEDs (2 universes) to control over 6 ports


4.096 channels (8 universes) to control over 6 ports 


 7.168 channels (14 universes) to control over 6 ports 


10.240 channels (20 universes) to control over 6 ports 


13.312 channels (26 universes) to control over 6 ports 


Up to 13.312 SPI channels and 1024 DMX channels


The MaNima HMI-touchscreen is an easy to use fully-customizable interface used to control the MaNima Digital LED Interface