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Pollux Industrial PWM-LED Monitoring release

MaNima Pollux is an Industrial PWM-LED monitoring Module. The MaNima Polllux is mainly used for PWM and LED monitoring. For analyzing data. 

The MaNima Pollux is made with reliability in mind. For example, it is possible to connect two power sources to the Pollux, ensuring redundancy. There are many more safety features present for the MaNima Pollux which can be found in the datasheet. 

With its 8 PWM outputs it is possible to control analogue LEDs up to 40A total. It is also possible to connect up to 12 sensors, these can be temperature sensors, movement sensors, light sensors etc.. This sensor data can then be used to control LEDs. The MaNima Pollux also has On-Board temperature sensors for increased reliability. 

Product description

MaNima Pollux is an Industrial PWM-LED Monitoring Module. The MaNima Pollux is mainly used for PWM and LED monitoring. Due the built-in Ethernet switch makes it easy to connect the MaNima Pollux with other MaNima products, The MaNima Pollux can be adapted to existing installations to communicate with the existing control system. These settings of the Pollux are easy to configure via the MaNima Configurator.

MaNima Pollux Licences

MaNima Pollux is divided into multiple licences. These licences are Full, 30kHz and Monitor. 

Full: All functions are available with the full version

30kHz: All functions are available, the difference being is that the PWM output has a frequency of 30kHz which is required for applications which involve PWM sensitive equipment. 

Monitor: With this licence all PWM outputs are disabled and is designed purely for monitoring applications. 

MaNima Pollux-industrial-LED-Pixel-PWM-Monitoring-Module