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MaNima Magnus

The MaNima Magnus series is the first series of LED interfaces to be released by MaNima-Technologies. This series of interfaces is capable of exceptional performance. All these interfaces can be provided with custom options.

Manima Technologies is a renowned brand in the LED market. Manima has achieved some technical highlights with the release of their own series of high-end LED interfaces.The interfaces can control up to 26 universes. And these universes can record while they play (WYSIWYG).

More than 50 SPI-protocols

The MaNima Magnus series is a digital LED interface used for controlling digital LEDs via Art-Net. More than 50 SPI protocols are compatible with the interface. 

6 SPI-ports

There are 6 SPI-ports available on the interface. Every port is individually configurable and are all synchronised with each other. The interface can also send different protocols over the individual ports. For example: port 1 can send WS2812 protocol, while port 2 is sending APA102. 

2 DMX-ports

There are 2 DMX ports on the interface. The DMX ports can be used for sending DMX protocols to different devices or LEDs. The DMX ports can be configured in the MaNima configurator. 

Configure with the MaNima configurator

The MaNima configurator is compatible with this interface. When the computer is connected with the MaNima interface through an ethernet connection, it can be configured according to the user’s wishes. 

Synchronised Master-Slave function

The Interfaces can communicate with each other. This opens up the possibility of synchronising an unlimited amount of interfaces. Synchronised recording and playing makes sure that the Interfaces will start or stop recording/playing at exactly the same moment. This makes sure that there will be no disrupted images.

Digital and analog triggers

5 digital and 6 analog triggers are used to control the interface with actions outside of the MaNima configurator. These triggers have to be configured first in the MaNima configurator. The triggers can be used for starting, stopping or dimming a scene. These triggers are controlled by sending a small voltage of 0-10V to the digital or analog inputs of the Interface.

MaNima HMI-Touchscreen compatibility

The MaNima HMI-Touchscreen is a screen that can be connected via ethernet to the MaNima Magnus and is used as a control panel for the interface. It can be used for various applications like starting, stopping and dimming a scene. But it can be custom made according to your wishes. For more Information about this product, visit the LuxaLight online B2B webshop.

Art-Net LED mapper compatible

The MaNima Magnus series is compatible with all 3rd party LED mapping software if they use Art-Net. This means that you are free too use any LED mapper you want, when working with this Interface.

MaNima Magnus-Architectural-LED-Pixel-Controller-Digital-Interface