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MaNima Pollux 30kHz

When recording an image or audio while LEDs are visible, there is a chance that they may interfere with the image or audio. When recording an image, this interference is visible through the fast-moving black bars across the screen. With audio recordings, a noise can be heard in the recording. This problem is caused by a PWM frequency that is too low in relation to the recording quality.

Visual recording

A visual recording can be quickly disturbed when the PWM frequency is too low in relation to the recording quality (eg FPS and resolution). To ensure that a high-quality recording runs without interference, there is a PWM frequency of >20kHz required.

Audio recording

A low PWM frequency from an LED can be heard as a noise in sensitive audio recordings. The higher the PWM frequency, the less the noise can be heard.

Interference on sensitive equipment

Just as a PWM that is too low can interfere with audio recordings, it is also possible that a PWM frequency that is too low can interfere with interference-prone equipment.


When a PWM frequency is used, a Radio Frequency is created that can interfere with AM and FM radios. It is also possible that interferences occur on Wi-Fi connections.


The MaNima Pollux 30kHz is a High-End PWM driver with a high PWM frequency. The PWM frequency is set at 30kHz. With this frequency there is a significantly lower chance that the PWM signal will interfere with other sensitive equipment.