MaNima Products

MaNima Technologies is developer of the following exclusive products. All our products are designed to better serve the business market. MaNima LED products have an industrial design and are equipped with specifications that ensure high efficiency, better optimization and better communication. If special wishes or conditions are required in your LED installation, we can adapt our own products with custom software or hardware. Our engineers can also realize a fully customer-specific LED solution.

MaNima Magnus

Digital LED interface

MaNima Magnus-Architectural-LED-Pixel-Controller-Digital-Interface
MaNima Ignis-Industrial-LED-Pixel-Controller-Interface

MaNima Ignis

Industrial LED interface

MaNima Pollux

Industrial PWM and LED monitoring module

MaNima Pollux-industrial-LED-Pixel-PWM-Monitoring-Module

MaNima Industrial HMI Touchscreen

Industrial 7-Inch Touchscreen

MaNima Cloud

Online Cloud Database and Remote Control