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Interface intended for controlling digital LEDs in architectural installations. It is a real-time and stand-alone interface for recording, playback and large-scale pixel mapping. The MaNima Magnus supports various standards such as ArtNet and DMX and more than 50 SPI protocols. This interface can control multiple protocols at the same time. A high number of FPS (frames per second) can be achieved by the Magnus, up to 100 FPS. This interface has recording and playback functions. All universes can record while playing (WYSIWYG principle). Scenes can be started via external inputs. These can be digital or analog inputs; 4-20mA or 0-10V. And UDP commands. The channels can be divided between 6 SPI outputs and 2 DMX outputs, which are used for distributing the LED data.



Multiple MaNima interfaces can be linked together and output synchronized LED data via the master slave function. This function makes it possible to control LED installations where a large number of universes and outputs are required fully synchronized (in sync).


With the MaNima configurator, the user can update, set and configure the entire LED installation, without the need for external software. After configuration, the MaNima Magnus is a completely independent (ArtNet / aSCN) player. Operation of the entire LED installation can take place via the MaNima HMI touchscreen.


By using an LED mapper, digital LEDs can be controlled by means of the ArtNet or aSCN protocol. The data sent to the digital LEDs is stored on an SD card based on the WYSIWYG principle.


Data on the MaNima Magnus can be triggered / started with analog (0-10V) triggers, DMX512, digital triggers and UDP commands.

customization option

Custom software / hardware on request

Scope of application

Architecture / Architectural Area

MaNima Magnus

Information about the Manima configurator, datasheets, manuals and updates can be found at support.

MaNima Magnus

Digital LED Interface