MaNima Pollux

Manima pollux

industrial pwm-led
monitoring Module


MaNima Pollux is an Industrial PWM-LED Monitoring Module. The MaNima Polllux is mainly used for PWM and LED monitoring. Due the built-in Ethernet switch makes it easy to connect the MaNima Pollux with other MaNima products. The MaNima Pollux can be adapted to existing installation to communicate with the existing control system. The settings of the Pollux are easy to configure via the MaNima configurator.



Monitoring can be done using the 8 sensor inputs and 4 digital inputs present on the MaNima Pollux. Self-monitoring is also available with an On-Board temperature sensor. The MaNima Pollux offers insight into the performance of the monitored LED installation at any time. And thus the opportunity to determine whether adjustments are necessary or desirable.


There are a total of 8 pwm outputs (max. 5A per output) available on the MaNima Pollux. The pwm outputs are divided over 2 sides, Dc1 and Dc2. Both sides need a separate power source.

Note: The MaNima Pollux 30kHz is designed for Audio and Film equipment and therefore has a high PWM-frequency.


To guarantee system reliability, 2 power sources can be connected to the MaNima Pollux. The module continues to function when a power source fails (fail-safe).


The MaNima Pollux can operate completely autonomously without user intervention by means of adapted configurations.


Information about the Manima configurator, datasheets, manuals and updates can be found at support.

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