MaNima Solutions

MaNima Technologies attaches great importance to research and development. The team of engineers can come up with new innovative technological solutions for LED technology by doing research and development.

LED controlling

One of our solutions is LED Controlling. LED installations can be controlled with our powerful and reliable interface. MaNima Technologies has developed two different types of LED interfaces, one for architectural applications (Magnus) and one for industrial applications (Ignis).


Real-time (data) monitoring for condition monitoring, maintenance and safety of LED installations. And also for realizing maximum operational efficiency.


MaNima Technologies ensures reliability and system security at an industrial level in the development of its products. Reliability is increased through connectivity and monitoring.

System integration

MaNima interfaces can be integrated into almost any system. The interfaces are standard compatible with a large number of protocols. Our engineers can use custom software such as a custom API to enable system integration in an LED installation that cannot communicate with a MaNima interface.


Industry 4.0., service and connectivity are key. Receive, analyze and diagnose real-time data from LED installations. Based on the information received, it is determined which action should be performed in, for example, the cloud environment.